FAQ – Is my content relevant to weADAPT users?

Is my content relevant to weADAPT users?

weADAPT welcomes a diverse range of content, both in terms of subjects and styles!  

The content submitted must adhere to the following criteria: 

  • It must be open access;
  • Its topic must be relevant climate change adaptation or an associated field (such as disaster risk reduction or synergies with mitigation); 
  • The content should have gone through a quality review process: either internally via the organization that is publishing the content or externally (e.g. peer review process). If an organization publishes a report, we assume that it has gone through an internal review process. Note that all content submitted to weADAPT will also be reviewed by one of our weADAPT editors.
  • It should be beneficial to the weADAPT community e.g.. it should share results, learnings, examples, guidances, insights, trainings, etc.

Given these criteria, you are invited to share case studies from the field, working papers, guidance documents and training materials, research articles, project reports, event announcements and event recordings, blogs, workshop proceedings, webinar recordings and summaries, etc. 

Sharing existing content that is not open access: 

All content shared on weADAPT should be fully open access and/or available under a Creative Commons license. This is important for ensuring that everyone coming to weADAPT can fully access and benefit from the learning and lessons being shared. Occasionally, we will allow the sharing of non-plagiarising summaries of valuable academic papers that are not open access. We do this to help share the key messages coming from cutting edge research. Decisions on whether to share restricted content are made on a case by case basis. 

Original content such as new weADAPT articles and case studies/stories: 

Original content published on weADAPT will be placed under a Creative Commons license

Undesirable content: 

There are certain categories of content that we reserve the right not to publish as articles/case studies. These include commercial advertising and fundraising, event advertising, and news stories (see below). 

Other types of content: 

News stories that share lessons learned that are of use to other weADAPT members will be considered for publication on weADAPT. 

If you are unsure about whether your content is suitable for weADAPT, or how best to share it on weADAPT, please get in touch with the weADAPT team at info@weadapt.org

Further information: 

Need help?

Please get in touch with weADAPT if you have further questions.