Agora Guidance


Look through the information below to learn how to use the Project Explorer map and how to make the most of the Agora Community by creating your profile.


The AGORA project aims to support the overall objectives of the Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change by leveraging and step forwarding best practices, innovative approaches, policy instruments and governance mechanisms to meaningfully and effectively engage communities and regions in climate actions, accelerating and upscaling adaptation process for building a climate resilient Europe.

Read more about the AGORA project and the consortium.

Find out how to use the Agora Community by looking through the Frequently Asked Questions below.

How to use the Project Explorer?

The Project Explorer is a map showing different and projects that have been shared on the Agora Community.

Figure 1. The Project Explorer map for exploring projects.

The Project Explorer provides clear information by location, allowing users to see and identify projects that have been shared online, based on their location.

To navigate the Project Explorer you can:

  • Zoom in on different locations and click the icons on the map to bring up networks, solutions, or projects that have been shared. You can zoom using your mouse or the + and – buttons on the left hand side of them map.
  • Filter by different categories highlighted above the Project Explorer map, including by theme and network, content available, or country.
  • Search for keywords to highlight/filter the information on the map that is relevant.
  • If you do not want to view this as a map, you can view the content as a list by clicking the ‘View as list’ button above the map.
Figure 2. The key buttons and filters available to support in navigating the Project Explorer maps.

Contributing to the Project Explorer

Once you are familiar with the Project Explorer you may want to include your project!

To add a project, you will need to complete an article, case study or blog form. To do this, please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to the website (you will need to register first via the sign in button in the top right hand corner – see steps below);

2. Click on ‘Share’ or ‘New‘ in the top bar of the website, and then click on the piece of content you would like to add (e.g. Article, Case Study, Blog or Event)

3. Fill out the forms available under the different sections.

4. Once completed please click ‘Submit’ and the project will go through a review process before being uploaded.

For further information on contributing to the Project Explorer, please see the weADAPT guidance: FAQ – How do I add content on weADAPT? – weADAPT

Figure 3. An example of the template to complete to contribute a article or case study to the Project Explorer map.

How and why to register

How to register, create, or edit a profile

In order to create a profile for the Agora Community, simply follow the steps below: 

  1. Click on the ‘Sign In’ link at the top-right of the page
  2. A pop-up window will appear. Click on ‘Create New Account’
  3. Fill in the details requested (you can fill-in more details in your profile later)
  4. Click on ‘Register’ and a confirmation email welcoming you to the community will be sent to you. 

We recommend filling-in your profile to maximise its visibility and search ability.

Read more about registering, creating, and editing your profile here: FAQ – How do I register, create or edit a profile on weADAPT? – weADAPT

Why create a profile and why does it link to weADAPT ?

As the AGORA Community is a microsite built off of weADAPT, the AGORA account and profile you create can also be used on weADAPT. Registering and creating a profile on the AGORA Community, allows you to share content, add comments to articles, case studies and blogs, to bookmark content and save it to your account for later, and to participate in discussion forums.

To read more about why to create a weADAPT profile, please see here: FAQ – Why create a weADAPT profile? – weADAPT

If you have any additional questions please check the weADAPT FAQ page here: Frequently Asked Questions – weADAPT

Need help?

Please get in touch with the Agora team if you have further questions.